Fostering Hydropower Program and Independent Power Production in Suriname

flag of Suriname

The Clean Energy Solutions Center provided assistance to the government of Suriname with developing a micro-hydropower program and supporting policies. This program includes developing a policy that supports a form of independent power producer arrangements and feed-in tariffs.

Impact of Assistance

The primary goal of this policy is to provide clean energy access to remote villages across Suriname. With such a program in place, the government will be able to provide clean energy to approximately 1,750 people living in roughly 138 villages that are currently supplied diesel-generated electricity that is limited to 5-6 hours of power per day. Supplying the diesel to these villages costs the Suriname government about 6 million USD per year. A micro-hydro power program will provide clean, non-intermittent energy access to those in need of power, save the government several million dollars each year, and support job creation.