Establishing a Renewable Energy Action Plan in Vietnam

The Clean Energy Solutions Center provided high-level technical assistance to Vietnam through the Ask-an-Expert program. The Solutions Center supported five requests, including assistance on the development of renewable energy action plans and road maps, as well as advice on financial mechanisms in determining the suitability of large-scale or small-scale solar PV development.

  1. Good Practices for National Renewable Energy Action Plan Development. This assistance, delivered for the Vietnamese Ministry of Industry and Trade's Electricity and Renewable Energy Authority, identified elements that are needed in the process of developing a national renewable energy action plan. The assistance draws on learnings from other countries.
  2. Policy Considerations for Vietnam’s Renewable Energy Action Plan. This assistance, delivered for the USAID V-LEEP program in their assistance to the government of Vietnam, provided a comprehensive and objective review and gap analysis on their existing renewable energy action plan.
  3. Distributed rooftop PV finance and analysis for Vietnam. Assistance was delivered to the national electricity utility, Electricity Vietnam (EVN), to support decision-making in state or non-state investment models for rooftop solar deployment in Vietnam.
  4. Review draft legislation for Renewable Energy Action Plan. The Solutions Center provided additional assistance at a critical moment in reviewing draft legislation put forward to authorise their renewable energy action plan and roadmap.
  5. Review Renewable Energy Road Map Matrix. The Solutions Center provided a review into the renewable energy road map featuring advice on both regulatory and market policy mechanisms, renewable energy grid integration and pricing, monitoring and evaluation, energy access policies, private sector opportunities, capacity building, and renewable energy supply chains.

Potential Impacts

Assistance provided by Solutions Center policy experts will help the Government of Vietnam to make informed decisions on their clean energy planning and implementation actions as they advance reductions in emissions through cost-effective clean energy solutions.