Clean Energy Solutions Center Report Details Next Generation of Renewable Electricity Policies

25 February 2015

report cover: Next Generation of Renewable Electricity PolicyA newly published report by the Clean Energy Solutions Center characterizes features and impacts of a new generation of renewable electricity policies.

“Changes in recent years to both market circumstances and to policy priorities have resulted in numerous policy innovations, including the emergence of policy hybrids,” said Toby D. Couture, founder and director of E3 Analytics, one of the report’s authors who also serves as a Clean Energy Solutions Center policy expert. “By cracking open the conventional toolbox and combining different policy design elements in innovative ways, policymakers are beginning to create a new policy kit, one that is arguably better adapted to the new market realities.”

The Next Generation of Renewable Electricity Policy: How Rapid Change Is Breaking Down Conventional Policy Categories examines four primary policy instruments: competitive tendering (sometimes called renewable electricity auctions), feed-in tariffs, net metering and net billing, and tradable renewable energy certificates. This report examines how policymakers are identifying new ways to merge these policies into portfolios that result in strengthening the impacts of each measure.

The report also studies several cases of innovative renewable electricity policies around the world and demonstrates that elements of different policies can, in fact, be combined together in a variety of ways.

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Source: Clean Energy Ministerial.