Industry Stakeholder Engagement and Leadership Prompts Strong Support for Building Energy Codes

The Texas Energy Code Compliance Collaborative (TECCC), which comprises industry stakeholders, provides an innovative approach to support local governments in implementation of building energy codes through training, education, and outreach campaigns. In partnership with the South-central Partnership for Energy Efficiency as a Resource (SPEER), TECCC works with local Energy Code Ambassadors to provide training on the ground based on local needs and challenges and to support peer to peer learning across municipalities. SPEER and the TECCC are funded by various public and private sources.

TECCC and SPEER are critical assets in supporting understanding and acceptance of building codes to facilitate effective implementation at the local level. Based on innovative engagement and education of private building sector leaders, Texas builders have come to strongly support code implementation and enforcement. For example, building sector leaders have noted their recognition of the critical need to penalize companies that produce low quality materials and buildings that can harm the industry as a whole.

Sources: Herbert 2015; EPA 2015