Global Experts Share Their Clean Energy Policy Experience

The Clean Energy Solutions Center has tapped into its broad network of experts and distinguished leaders around the world to capture their insights on policy innovation.

Through the power of stories and storytelling, these leaders—who have distinguished themselves in the areas of clean energy technology, policy, government and transformational change—share their personal experiences on what makes a clean energy policy successful, as well as how barriers to clean energy deployment can be overcome through supportive policies.

A work in progress, this library will grow to include podcasts, vodcasts, video tutorials, case studies and interviews with key international leaders working in the clean energy policy arena.

Interviews with Experts

Hunter Lovins & Bill Becker: Communicating Climate Issues

In this video from the Climate Knowledge Brokers workshop in September 2016, Hunter Lovins of Natural Capitalism Solutions and Solutions Center expert Bill Becker discuss the intricacies associated with connecting effectively with lawmakers and decision makers on climate issues. (Video courtesy of the Colorado Renewable Energy Society.)

Power of Partnerships: Accelerating the Clean Energy Economy

Bill Becker, Clean Energy Solutions Center senior policy analyst and Presidential Climate Action Project executive director, interviews Dr. Dan Arvizu, retired director of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, about accelerating the clean energy economy through strategic partnerships, and how the Clean Energy Solutions Center can help (transcript).

Reid Detchon

Energy Poverty and Sound Renewable Energy Policies

Reid Detchon, Energy and Climate, UN Foundation

Reid Detchon, vice president for energy and climate at the United Nations Foundation, discusses which policies work best to bring modern clean energy technologies to people who don't have access to electricity (ending what he calls energy poverty), and which do not.

Olivier Dubois
Courtesy of IISD/Earth Negotiations Bulletin

Sustainable Bioenergy Production and the Energy-Water-Food Nexus

Olivier Dubois, UN Food and Agriculture Organization

United Nations bioenergy expert Olivier Dubois discusses the UN’s latest findings on sustainable bioenergy production, including the food vs. fuel controversy and the energy-food-water nexus. He also describes current research and toolkits available on climate-smart bioenergy production from the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

Ernst Weizsacker

Energy Efficiency, Decentralized Energy, Feed-In Tariffs, and Life-Cycle Impacts

Ernst Weizsacker, United Nations International Panel for Sustainable Resource Management

United Nations expert Ernst Weizsacker discusses the energy efficiency, decentralized energy, feed-in tariffs, the need to evaluate life-cycle impacts of energy options, and the need for developed economies to become examples of sustainable energy systems for the developed world.

  • Interview Date: 24 September 2013
  • Duration: 10:08 (MM:SS)
  • Audio File: MP3 (9.8 MB)