Progress and Layout for Carbon, Capture, Utilization and Storage in China (Webinar)

5 March 2020

Carbon, capture, utilization and storage CCUS) is an important measure for China to tackle the dual challenges of energy security and climate security. Since 2006, the Chinese government has been committed to the development of CCUS technology, and it has contributed to valuable demonstration experiences in a cost-effective way. By 2019, China had built more than 20 small-scale CCUS projects, including capture demonstration for thermal power plants, CO2-EOR projects and geological storage projects.

In this webinar, three speakers introduce the latest developments and progress of CCUS in China:

  • Yi-Ming Wei shares the Roadmap for Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage Technology in China (2019).
  • Lan-Cui Liu introduces the optimized layout of CCUS worldwide and will speak about related investment from China’s perspective.
  • Ning Kang presents the prospects of Carbon Capture and Storage in China’s power sector under the global 2℃ targets.