Finance Webinars

We have offered dozens of training webinars on priority clean energy policy topics that policymakers in countries around the world can adapt for their own use. Many expert panelists and thousands of policymakers and others have participated in these unique training opportunities. Please consider joining us for one of our upcoming webinars. Or, browse the recorded webinars listed below.

Exploration of ways of making information on energy technologies and practices freely available and how policymakers can use such information to drive implementation Learn more.
A webinar highlighting the energy efficiency achievements that have resulted from international cooperation under the G20—and how these offer solutions to the COP21 discussions. Learn more.
A showcase of the Building Energy Access Markets framework, a publication that offers policymakers and practitioners a method for designing and delivering interventions that can achieve scale and sustainability. Learn more.
Highlights of programs in California and Connecticut that won CESA’s 2014 State Leadership in Clean Energy Awards. Learn more.
Leading financial and impact-investing experts examine bonds, REITs, yieldcos and related investment vehicles and how clean energy deployment is opening up to retail investors. Learn more.
A series of 10 recorded webinars on establishing regulations, feed-in tariffs, tradable renewable energy certificates, enabling finance in renewable energy projects, as well as other topics. Learn more.
A webinar sharing recommendations on the effective delivery of public finance from policymakers and development finance institutions to enable fast and cost-effective deployment of geothermal in developing countries. Learn more.
Discussion highlighting innovative financing mechanisms and best practices that have enhanced market penetration of energy efficient technologies Learn more.
A “peer connect” webinar in which panelists share their thoughts on how energy storage and net metering impact consumers and the grid itself. Learn more.
A presentation of the work of the G20 Energy Efficiency Finance Task Group, which aims to enhance global financial flows towards energy efficiency, highlighting the progress achieved and the key next steps. Learn more.