Key Financing Principles for CCUS (Webinar)

18 June 2020

Carbon dioxide capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) can help decarbonize both power generation and industrial sectors such as cement, steel and chemical production. CCUS is proven, with 19 large-scale commercial projects in operation today. However, largely due to lack of viable business models, CCUS deployment today is still well below where it needs to be. Facilitated by the Clean Energy Ministerial CCUS Initiative, several finance-sector organizations have worked jointly to elaborate “Key Financing Principles for CCUS”. This 90-minute session is designed to discuss key principles for CCUS financing and outline ways to put them into action, especially in Asia. Session participants will be from MDBs, commercial banks and governments, as well as from industry. Participants will dicusss:

  • Why CCUS is so hard to finance today
  • Key financing principles for CCUS, as elaborated by finance-sector organisations
  • How to implement such financing principles globally and especially in the Asian context.