Renewable Energy Webinars

We have offered dozens of training webinars on priority clean energy policy topics that policymakers in countries around the world can adapt for their own use. Many expert panelists and thousands of policymakers and others have participated in these unique training opportunities. Please consider joining us for one of our upcoming webinars. Or, browse the recorded webinars listed below.

An overview of the recommendations and proposals presented in Sweden's roadmap and lessons learned during the process that defined key issues. Learn more.
Training on developing NAMAs for efficient lighting with a review of the steps that developing countries can take to create the essential elements of a NAMA Learn more.
An overview of the USAID Distributed Generation Technical Assistance program along with context for the prospective role of distributed-generation photovoltaic technology in developing countries, followed by a discussion of the key economic and technical challenges and opportunities associated with distributed-generation photovoltaic systems. Learn more.
Launch of REN21’s flagship report, Renewables 2016 Global Status Report. Learn more.
Discussion of the critical shortage of skilled personnel needed to develop, design, finance, build, operate and maintain renewable energy projects Learn more.
A showcase of innovative supply chain mechanisms that members of the Energy Access Practitioner Network have adopted to facilitate scaling decentralized energy solutions. Learn more.
A presentation of REN21’s recently released Renewable 2017 Global Status Report and a discussion of current developments in various energy technologies, infrastructure, markets and institutional frameworks that can advance and facilitate expanded deployment of renewable energy. Learn more.
A presentation about speak about structural changes in Sweden and and the policies have made the greatest impact in the country. Learn more.
Ce webinaire discutera du potentiel et des défis liés aux énergies renouvelables au Sénégal tels que décrits dans le rapport 2012 de l’Agence Internationale pour les Energies Renouvelables (IRENA) intitulé « Evaluation de l’état des énergies renouvelables pour le Sénégal » (Renewable Readiness Assessment for Senegal, 2012). Ce webinaire explore le contexte et les enjeux, le potentiel, l'évolution du cadre réglementaire ainsi que que les principales priorités et réalisations liés au secteur des énergies renouvelables au Sénégal. Learn more.
A discussion of the key findings of the recently launched Renewables in Cities Global Status Report, and the challenges and opportunities for renewable energy in sub-Saharan African Cities. Learn more.