Clean Energy Policy News

31 August 2018
More than 100 participants from 15 countries convened in Singapore recently for the Singapore-IEA Clean Energy Investment and Financing Training Programme, which aims to increase knowledge and skills for decision-making on policies and regulatory frameworks that mobilize bankable investments in renewables and energy efficiency across the region. Learn more.
4 June 2018
The just-released Renewables 2018 Global Status Report reveals two realities: one in which a revolution in the power sector is driving rapid change towards a renewable energy future and another in which the overall transition is not advancing with the speed needed. Learn more.
24 May 2018
Companies in 75 countries actively sourced 465 terawatt hours of renewable energy in 2017, an amount close to the overall electricity demand of France, according to a new report from the International Renewable Energy Agency . With the continued decline in the costs of renewables, the report suggests, corporate demand will continue to increase as companies seek to reduce electricity bills, hedge against future price spikes and address sustainability concerns. Learn more.
22 May 2018
Upgrades to Panama’s regulatory environment and power system management are critical to achieving the renewable energy goals set out in the country’s national energy plan, according to the Renewables Readiness Assessment Panama report just released by the International Renewable Energy Agency. Learn more.
15 May 2018
The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) has launched the Empowering Women as Managers in the Renewable Energy Sector initiative, which aims to support the accelerated career advancement of women in APEC economies who work in the field of renewable energy. It is specifically designed for those holding mid-level career positions, and applications from women in travel-eligible economies are strongly encouraged to apply to attend a one-week workshop that will include lectures, trainings, business plans pitches to experienced stakeholders, and networking opportunities. Learn more.
14 May 2018
The International Energy Agency kicked off its seventh Energy Efficiency in Emerging Economies Training Week today, bringing together more than 100 participants from 40 countries. Over 800 participants have taken part in EETW events since 2016. Learn more.
8 May 2018
The renewable energy industry created more than 500,000 new jobs globally in 2017, a 5.3 per cent increase from 2016, according to the latest figures released by the International Renewable Energy Agency. According to the fifth edition of Renewable Energy and Jobs: Annual Review, the total number of people employed in the sector (including large hydropower) now stands at 10.3 million globally, surpassing the 10 million figure for the first time. Learn more.
5 April 2018
By the end of 2017, global renewable generation capacity had increased by 167 GW and reached 2,179 GW worldwide. This represents a yearly growth of around 8.3%, the average for seven years in a row, according to new data released by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). Learn more.
27 March 2018
Municipal policymakers need to navigate, analyse and prioritise a broad range of resources available on buildings efficiency online in order to tailor solutions to their specific local circumstances. We are assisting the Global Buildings Performance Network (GBPN) to develop a best-practices knowledge centre specifically for municipal policymakers that will provide a validated evidence base of building energy policies and actions that have demonstrated results for cities. And, GBPN would like your input into shaping the centre by completing a short survey on how they can better provide evidence to support municipal actions to reduce building energy demand. All responses will remain anonymous and results shared. Thank you for your supporting our partners at GBPN. Learn more.
16 March 2018
The report, titled Situation Analysis of Gender and Sustainable Energy in the East African Community 2018, will be unveiled at Sustainable Energy Forum for East Africa Kigali, Rwanda, March 19–21. Learn more.