Meet The Experts: Energy Efficiency

  • Al-Karim Govindji
    Industrial Processes
    Al-Karim Govindji, Senior Manager, Innovations
    Carbon Trust
  • Alejandro Silva
    Energy Efficiency in Mining and Industry
    Alejandro Silva , Coordinator of the Mining and Industry Sector
    Energy Efficiency Division, Ministry of Energy of Chile
  • Ana Maria Carreño
    Minimum Energy Performance Standards
    Ana Maria Carreño, Manager, Policy & Analysis
  • Benjamin Curnier
    Energy Efficiency Programmes
    Benjamin Curnier, Associate Director, Southern Africa
    Carbon Trust
  • Bruno Lapillonne
    Demand and Policy Evaluation
    Bruno Lapillonne, Vice-President and Co-founder
  •  Carolina Aguayo Maturana
    Firewood and Derivatives for Heating
    Carolina Aguayo Maturana, Head of the Firewood Unit
    Energy Efficiency Division, Ministry of Energy of Chile
  • Christine Egan
    Appliances and Equipment
    Christine Egan, Executive Director
  • Dave Carey
    Energy Efficiency Financing
    Dave Carey, Principal
    Harcourt Brown & Carey
  • David I. McGeown
    Buildings, Standards, and ESCOs
    David I. McGeown, Principal
    McGeown Associates, LLC.
  • Eric Gibbs
    Appliance Labeling and Standards
    Eric Gibbs, Senior Director of Country and Regional Programs
  • Farah Sheriff
    RETScreen: Energy Efficiency Analysis
    Farah Sheriff, Project Engineer
    RETScreen International
  • Geoff Smyth
    Geoff Smyth, Associate Director, Business Services – Implementation
    Carbon Trust
  • Heather Braithwaite
    Energy Efficiency Financing
    Heather Braithwaite, Senior Associate
    Harcourt Brown & Carey
  • Ivan Gerginov
    Energy Efficiency Financing
    Ivan Gerginov, Senior Energy Efficiency
  • Javier Lascurain
    Clean Cookstoves, Green Technologies for Households, Carbon Credits for Developing Countries
    Javier Lascurain, Managing Director
    Fast Track Carbon
  • Jenny Corry Smith
    Efficient Street Lighting
    Jenny Corry Smith, Senior Associate
  • Jeremy Epstein
    Finance for Commercial and Residential Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Projects
    Jeremy Epstein, Senior Associate
    Harcourt Brown & Carey
  • Kurt Shickman
    Cool Surfaces
    Kurt Shickman, Executive Director
    Global Cool Cities Alliance
  • Lucretia Landmann
    Energy Efficiency Financing, Analysis of Microfinance
    Lucretia Landmann
  • Marcelo Padilla
    Appliances, Labelling, Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS)
    Marcelo Padilla, Industrial Engineer
    Energy Efficiency Division, Ministry of Energy of Chile
  • Marko Markov
    Energy Efficiency Financing
    Marko Markov, Energy Efficiency Finance Specialist and Project Manager
  • Miguel Quiñones
    Buildings, Standards, ESCOs
    Miguel Quiñones, Sustainability Project Manager
  • Nathalie Meloche
    RETScreen: Energy Performance and Portfolio Analysis
    Nathalie Meloche, Project Manager
    RETScreen International
  • Nils Borg
    Lighting, Product Policy
    Nils Borg, Senior Expert
    IEA 4E SSL Annex
  • Pierre Langlois
    Energy Efficiency Financial Mechanisms, Clean Energy Policy Development, Demand-side Management
    Pierre Langlois, Chief Executive Officer
  • Ranell Martin Dedicatoria
    GHG Inventory, Low-emission Development Planning
    Ranell Martin Dedicatoria, Regional Program Manager
    ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability
  • Stéphanie Nour
    Energy Service Companies (ESCOs), Demand-side Management, Building Codes and Energy Efficiency Standards, Energy Efficiency Financial Mechanisms
    Stéphanie Nour, Director of Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Thomas Heller
    Green Growth Strategies
    Thomas Heller, Chairman of the Board
    Climate Policy Initiative (CPI)
  • Yang Yu
    Energy Savings, CO2 Reduction Assessments
    Yang Yu, Senior Associate, Policy & Analysis